Quarterbacks by the Numbers

Here are some numbers that have to do with a couple of quarterbacks.  Maybe you’ll find them as interesting as I did.

Set I: Daunte Culpepper and Cam Newton’s record-breaking first seasons.

  1. In 2000, at the age of 23, 6’4, 260-pound Daunte Culpepper threw for 3937 yards and 33 touchdowns, while running for 470 yards and 7 touchdowns.
  2. Last year, at the age of 22, 6’5, 250-pound Cam Newton became the first rookie quarterback to throw for over 4000 yards.  
  3. Newton also set rookie-records by rushing for 700 yards and scoring 14 rushing touchdowns.
  4. In 2000, Culpepper achieved a passer-rating of 98.
  5. Last year, Newton achieved a passer-rating of 85.
  6. The Vikings went 11-5 in 2000, losing in the NFC divisional playoff round.
  7. The Panthers went 6 and 10 last year and missed the playoffs.
  8. The only year Culpepper was as productive as he was in his first campaign was in 2004, when he finished with a passer-rating of 110 while the Vikings finished 8-8.
  9. In the Panthers ten losses last year, Newton averaged 291 passing yards per game .
  10. In their six wins, Newton averaged 191 passing yards.

Set II: Brady’s Winning % Absurd

  1. Tom Brady’s current winning percentage is .780.
  2. If Brady and the Patriots go 5 for 11 or better this year, Brady will remain the highest percentage winning quarterback in NFL history.
  3. Assuming Ben Roethlisberger continued at his current clip (11-5 average each season), Tom Brady could lose all 16 of his starts this year and still edge out of Roethlisberger for the distinction of having the best winning percentage of any active NFL quarterback.
  4. If Brady retired right now, Ben Roethlisberger could go 16-0 in back to back seasons and still be just behind Brady in terms of regular season winning percentage.
  5. If Brady retired right now, Aaron Rodgers would have to win his next 50 starts to overtake Brady in terms of winning percentage.
  6. Peyton Manning would have to win his next 97 starts to do so.
  7. Eli Manning, 109.
  8. Drew Brees, 125.
  9. John Elway, who is currently second all-time with 148 victories, would have to win 143 consecutive starts in order to have a better winning percentage than Tom Brady
  10. John Skelton,8 starts.  Watch out Brady!